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The Act of Compassion, Inc.

A non-profit organization founded in 2014 by Laura Nerolel.  Our primary operations are in Africa, with additional operations in the Kansas City area.


Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage, educate and empower youth and adults toward a healthy mind for a successful life. We strive to bring strength and encouragement to individuals and communities by providing educational resources, engaging community collaboration and preventing the precipitation of abuse and neglect, ignorance and poverty, hopelessness and loneliness.


ENCOURAGE: We strive to encourage individuals through all aspects of life, whether emotionally, mentally, spiritually or professionally , in order to reach every area of a person's being.  We work with our Ambassadors who share their skills and talents, experiences and life stories to encourage people that there is hope and that you are not alone.


EDUCATE: We provide practical and educational resources to individuals and communities in a tangible way.  Our programs are designed to stop the precipitation of sickness and disease,  ignorance and poverty.  We bring strength though education.  Our Ambassadors come from various backgrounds and career fields and volunteer their time to educate and empower in such a way to bring a lasting effect to change families and communities for generations to come.


EMPOWER: We endeavor to empower individuals, families and communities to success through education, stimulation and inspiration. Our aim is for each person to know that they are special and unique, to draw out the strengths from within each person and to challenge and inspire each one to live to their fullest potential.


Our agenda is a simple one - to demonstrate intentional acts of compassion.  To put empathy in action. To engage community collaboration and to come together, so that not one feels alone.



Our Story

Our story begins with Laura's story.  The Act of Compassion was born out of her desire and passion to see others in similar situations encouraged, educated and empowered toward a healthy mind for  a successful life.  Laura's experience is one of difficulty and perseverance, of journey and discovery.  From a young age, Laura's life circumstances brought challenges and required strength and  perseverance.  The daughter of a hard-working mother with a minimal income, and a talented father who became ill and remained ill into her 30s, Laura was fortunate to receive an education that spanned three countries on the continent of Africa. Eventually, her hard work opened up opportunities and she emigrated to the United States to continue her studies.


While Laura's physical circumstances had drastically improved, she began to find that she had many struggles that lay within her.   The anger and struggle from her early years had caused deep-seeded depression, loneliness and brokenness.  However, Laura soon discovered that there were many like her who felt trapped in the same circumstances, and that she was not alone.  This was the catalyst to forming The Act of Compassion.


Our Logo

The logo design for The Act of Compassion, Inc. represents four people, hand-in-hand and heart-to-heart, where the arms of the people form four hearts that merge in the center. The faith of this organization is expressed through the given hope of Jesus Christ.



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How to A.C.T.

Through acceptance and renewed confidence, trust can be established.

Through discovering aptitude and finding capacity for success, talent can be utilized.  Through the action of a community, teamwork can change lives.


Who We Are

In Her Own Words ...

"The most valuable heritage that my mother gave me is her faith. Many people in my family had given up on my father, due to his illness, but I personally was always crying before God for my father to be healed. Eventually, after 30 years, God answered my prayer. To me, this is proof of the statement, Nothing is impossible with God.  However, my father's illness and the stress and negative impact of it of on our family had left me angry, and this eventually turned into depression.  I had thought to myself throughout the years that if my dad had not been mentally ill, my life would have been different, and better. My father was a man who loved God and was very involved in his community.  He had a brilliant future ahead of him, but it all seemed to go to waste. I asked God many times why He had allowed this to happen to us. Later,  I understood that whatever situation has happened in our lives is intended to bring Glory to God. He is the one who turns ashes into beauty. Life was difficult for a long time, and very often I tried to give up, but God never left my side.  He continued to provide for me in  many ways and gave me strength to fight and overcome many difficult life situations.  One day, I had an argument with a friend in Kansas City.  Afterwards I was very upset and felt heart-broken and hurt. I decided to take a walk, and while walking I was thinking to myself about how lonely I was and that it felt like nobody cared for me.


I thought that certainly there are other people out there who felt the same way.  At that moment, I clearly heard a voice tell me Why don't you do something about it? ... then I felt peace in my heart. Some days later I was at my youth group at church.  While we were sharing and praying there were other people who began to confess how lonely and unloved they felt -  like nobody cared for them. This was my confirmation that I was not alone and that there was a purpose behind all that had I had been feeling. Afterward, I prayed earnestly to God and asked Him to lead me in what to do.  I felt convinced that life is not meant to be lived alone, and I was convicted that it's important that we be there for each other, to encourage and lift each other up.  When I was younger, my mother taught me well and made me aware of many social issues that exist in the world.  It became a foundation that helped me to avoid obstacles and bad decisions that could have destroyed my life. This is why one of the purposes of The Act of Compassion is to raise awareness about social issues and challenges that exist for young people.  I believe that proper prevention is important, so that there will be no need for a cure."


- Laura Nerolel, Founder

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